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Welcome to MSU Turf
. This site is intended to aid in diagnosing turf damage caused by insects and other animals. Healthy turf and soil support a large and diverse community of insects. Only about 3% of all insects found in turfgrass are pests. The remaining 97% are predators, parasites, scavengers or decomposers. Also, the presence of a few pest insects does not mean that you have a problem. Most lawns have a few turf pests but the level of infestation is far below the density of pests needed to cause visible turf injury. This website will help you to learn how to scout for turf pests, the injury they cause, and how to determine if enough pests are present to cause significant turf damage.

Each insect has its own page with information on habitat, damage, common names, and management practices. If you know the name of the turf insect you are looking for you can jump to that page using the common name. For example, if you suspect grub damage to your lawn you may want to go directly to the ‘European chafer’ page or the ‘Japanese beetle’ page. Can't find the name of the insect on the list? Use the search tool (right side of page) to jump directly to the insect.

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